What Sudoku Has Taught Me


I avoided learning the game of Sudoku for years because the first time I saw it, I knew that it was something that I would enjoy.  The problem I have when I “enjoy” a game is that I find it difficult to stop playing.  A few months ago, I finally caved to the temptation of all those numbers and learned the game.  All of my fears were realized and I was soon obsessed.  In the last few months I have purchased the wooden version, the plastic kid’s version, I have downloaded it onto my cell phone, tablet, and all of my computers.  I even bought a paper version to keep in my purse in case the battery of my cell phone is low.

For all the hours I have played this game over the past few months, the game has taught me some life lessons that transcend the playing of this game:

The first is that you have to consider ALL of the options, and there are many.

A mistake in the beginning may not be obvious until the end.

Once you have made a mistake, and then make other decisions based upon that mistake, it is very difficult to find the original mistake.

Sometimes it is best to admit defeat, and just start over again.

If you have a thing for numbers, logic and reasoning and like me have been avoiding this game in fear of it becoming a distraction, give in.  There is the possibility that dishes won’t get washed, laundry may not get folded, and you may have a few more weeds in your lawn, but the thrill of solving a puzzle is well worth it!

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