Tutoring Services

Why Should You Consider Tutoring?

Each student learns differently and traditional methods are sometimes not effective with particular students. Tutoring is a great way of individually tailoring instruction to match specific learning styles and student needs. At Math Doctor, we identify the student’s strengths and weaknesses, in order to tailor a custom learning strategy.

We provide alternative learning solutions, modified for the individual student, which will generate more effective results than traditional educational programs alone. Students progress at their own pace without the feeling of competition with other students. The one-on-one instruction creates a safe environment for students to express concerns about the subject matter and form a bond with their tutor.

Students who receive tutoring services gain more than just knowledge of the subject. Tutoring increases self-esteem, improves attitudes toward school, and creates new friendships. In addition to providing academic instruction, tutoring provides emotional support and coping strategies, which will enhance the student’s ability to manage his or her learning throughout life.

A student who has confidence restored by successful tutoring will be optimistic and encouraged to explore higher levels of learning. The benefits of tutoring go beyond the boundaries of just learning the subject matter. Positive results from tutoring can have a lasting impact for the rest of the learner’s life.

Tutoring Benefits

Some common indicators that your child could benefit from tutoring include:

  • Improved time management skills
  • Improved work habits
  • Improved social and behavioral skills
  • Reduced time spent on non-productive or risky behavior
Cancellation Policy
At Math Doctor we realize that unexpected events could interfere with scheduled appointments. Depending on the tutors availability, failure to cancel a scheduled appointment without 24-hour notice could result in full-charge of the scheduled session.

Why Math Doctor?

Math Tutor Brevard CountyAt Math Doctor, tutors emphasize the concepts behind the procedures being explained. They also attempt to use real life examples whenever possible. It has been shown in studies that people retain information better when they are able to understand the concept and apply what they are learning to situations that are interesting to them. Students will understand what they are doing and why it is done that way.

Evaluation of Skills consists of a one hour interview with the student to assess their current knowledge according to the Common Core State Standards and a report will be written with the results. The results of the evaluation will be used to create an individualized learning plan for the student.

Math Doctor tutors are highly qualified professionals who have been personally trained by Dr. Cheryl Avila. Cheryl educates her tutors using concepts that she applied while instructing student teachers at the University of Central Florida.

Her training focuses on instruction of educator strategies for teaching students of all ages. Cheryl is passionate about training her tutors, as well as tutoring students. At Math Doctor, students receive a personalized tutoring experience provided by highly qualified tutors.

Group Tutoring Individual Tutoring Reading Test Preparation Adult Education

Evaluation of Skills

Prior to tutoring we conduct a 30-minute evaluation of skills to determine the best type of tutoring for the individual. The assessment is done privately, in a comfortable and relaxed setting. Once the type of tutoring is agreed upon, a plan of study is determined for accomplishing the intended result.

If the student brings any past test results, current test grades, or any additional information that may be helpful in evaluation the student, it is appreciated.

There is a minimal cost for the evaluation of skills, but no commitment to further tutoring needs to be made at that time. We realize that tutoring is a financial and time commitment and we want to give everyone time to consider their options.

SAT Boot Camps

Math Doctor offers five 4-hour sessions of test preparation which we call our “boot camps.” Two hours of Math preparation are followed by two hours of Reading/Writing preparation each day of camp.

The boot camps are taught by licensed educators with many years of classroom experience.

You can sign up for both Reading/Writing and Math or just one subject.

Boot camps are offered in the spring, fall and summers prior to the SAT Test dates on Saturdays at the learning center from 12-4pm.

There is also an intense one week camp offered over the Winter Break.

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