Math Doctor Responds to Charlottesville

I was at the Math Doctor learning center yesterday when the president of the United States was conducting his press conference.  In fact, at the time the conference was being aired I was engaged in a very interesting conversation about whether the constant term of a polynomial should be written as x being raised to the power of zero.  The conversation ensued because of a comment I made concerning an educational video on mathematics. The person making the video called me in response to my comment to discuss our differing views about mathematics. The conversation ended with suggestions as to experts to consult and books we needed to read in order to support our differing views on this mathematical concept.

I am posting this story not because I have the delusion that you care about the constant term of a polynomial as much as I do, but rather to let you know that at Math Doctor we care about math, and  even more than math, we care about the people that want to learn about math. The rules governing mathematics do not change according to the color of your skin, the country you were born in, your religion, or even who you voted for in the last election.

On the home page of our website it states, “We are committed to our passion for education, and pride ourselves on our clients’ success. We believe all persons have the capability of learning and are committed to providing results, while maintaining the highest standards of professionalism and integrity.” Part of the professionalism and integrity that I am referring to is standing up against what I perceive as a wrong. The president’s comments during the press conference concerning people from both sides of the Charlottesville demonstration being at fault, do NOT reflect my views. There is only one “right” side to bigotry and hate and that is the side that stands up against bigotry and hate.

I was glad that I was at learning center yesterday during the press conference because I was temporarily shielded from the initial emotional reaction I may have felt if I was watching the press conference “in real time.” The Math Doctor learning center was established as a support for individuals seeking help along their path to success. As the owner and founder of Math Doctor, I am deeply saddened by the incident at Charlottesville this past weekend that culminated in the death of Heather Heyer. I personally believe that if an individual defends bigotry and hatred in any form, that individual has not achieved success, regardless of the office in which their desk sits.

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