Is Algebra Your Hungry Lion?

hungry lion

As a classroom math teacher, and now as a personal tutor, I have always felt that if I do my job well, my students will eventually not need me.  If I do my job well, my students will have the tools and self-confidence to be successful without me.  My ultimate goal is to work myself out of a job.   Math can be not only a stumbling block, but also intimidating for many people, of all ages.  Tutoring adults returning to college is one of my passions, and one of the reasons we opened Math Doctor.  My parents were my first teachers.  My mother taught me to read before I started kindergarten.  I always felt that she would have made an excellent elementary school teacher, but math was her stumbling block.  After many attempts at taking College Algebra, she eventually gave up on the idea of being a classroom teacher.  When my mom passed away a few years ago, I felt a strong desire to help not only school-aged students, but also adults to overcome math obstacles.   Recently I received an email from a working adult attempting to complete his associate’s degree but having difficulty with College Algebra.  He described Algebra as “a hungry lion that I am forced to face.” What a great analogy!  Following that analogy, I see my role as a lion tamer.  I replied that I look forward to him and I working together to tame this hungry lion, and hopefully one day the hungry lion will be a purring kitty eating out of his hand.  Our goal at Math Doctor is to give people of all ages the tools they need so that they are able to tame their hungry lions and accomplish their educational goals.

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