Math Doctor Responds to Charlottesville

I was at the Math Doctor learning center yesterday when the president of the United States was conducting his press conference.  In fact, at the time the conference was being aired I was engaged in a very interesting conversation about whether the constant term of a polynomial should be written as x being raised to…
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Back-to-School Tips for Parents

The beginning of the new school year is less than two weeks away for my two teenagers. As a parent, I have mixed feelings about them going back to school. Half of me is looking forward to those 5-6 hours in the middle of the day that the house will be quiet, the other half…
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What Does “Back-to-School” Mean To You?

Summer is almost over and school will be back in session soon.  What does the phrase, “back-to-school” mean to you?  The answer to this question for me has changed over the years.  When I was in elementary school, going back to school was exciting.  It meant a new teacher, meeting new friends, new school supplies…
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Is Algebra Your Hungry Lion?

As a classroom math teacher, and now as a personal tutor, I have always felt that if I do my job well, my students will eventually not need me.  If I do my job well, my students will have the tools and self-confidence to be successful without me.  My ultimate goal is to work myself…
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