Monthly Archives: July 2015

Is Algebra Your Hungry Lion?

As a classroom math teacher, and now as a personal tutor, I have always felt that if I do my job well, my students will eventually not need me.  If I do my job well, my students will have the tools and self-confidence to be successful without me.  My ultimate goal is to work myself…
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What Sudoku Has Taught Me

I avoided learning the game of Sudoku for years because the first time I saw it, I knew that it was something that I would enjoy.  The problem I have when I “enjoy” a game is that I find it difficult to stop playing.  A few months ago, I finally caved to the temptation of…
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“School’s Out for Summer”

I was never an Alice Cooper fan, but I think both students and teachers alike relate to this song  as they celebrate the end of another school year.  Once the celebration is over, and the thrill of being able to sleep in late has worn off, what then?  Summer is a great time for students…
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